Ed Hengeveld is a space flight historian who lives with his wife and son in the Netherlands, where he works for Dutch television news. He has written numerous articles for magazines such as Spaceflight and Quest, as well as for various Dutch magazines.
His interest in space flight began with the Apollo-8 mission around the moon in 1968 and has grown ever since. In 1981 he was at the Kennedy Space Centre to witness the launch of STS-1 and he was also present at the Dryden Flight Research Centre when Columbia landed there two days later. While at Dryden, he also met various people involved in the X-15 and lifting body programs, resulting in a special interest in this area of flight research.
Ed is a member of the British Interplanetary Society. In his spare time he enjoys painting, especially scenes from the Apollo program. His paintings have been published in various magazines around the world and his portrait of the twelve moon-walking astronauts ("Moonwalkers") earned him praise from Apollo-12 lunar module pilot Al Bean, who is himself an artist. Moonwalkers is now an official NASA photograph assigned NASA No. S95-14663.

Ed's wonderful detail and vantage point perspectives gives us outstanding views of familiar images.

Astronauts John Glenn, Dick Covey and Story Musgrave own portraits of themselves painted by Ed. 


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During the past few years Ed has been commissioned by various Apollo fans to paint their favourite scenes from the space program, ranging from John Glenn's Mercury spacecraft ready for launch to the beauty of the lunar surface.
If you want to commission Ed to do an original painting of your favourite space highlight 

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Now a little about the original art and limited edition photographic reproductions that are on sale.

All of Ed's prints will be limited to an edition of 50 and are reproduced to the same size as the original.

With each reproduction your will receive a hand signed certificate from Ed giving the edition number.

These wonderful photographic reproductions are chemically printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper.

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Our reproductions exceed any and all high standards of quality and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.



Moonwalker  Gene Cernan

Holding Ed's Original 

"Heading West"

Photos courtesy of:

Larry McGlynn

He Commissioned Ed to do these pieces and proudly had each signed.


Moonwalker  Ed Mitchell

Holding Ed's Original

"Rolling Rock"



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